How to care for your Mala

How to take  care of your mala

 Every piece in my shop is handmade. Handmade items need to be handled with extra care. Your mala should be treated as a sacred piece of jewelry. Mala necklaces and bracelets are made with natural stone and wood and are strung on a durable nylon or silk cord. If treated properly, your mala is something you can use and enjoy for a long time. However, you should use common sense when wearing your mala to ensure its extended life.

Use your mala necklace/bracelet for meditation and as a beautiful accessory.

Do not wear your mala in water.

Do not wear your mala to bed.

Do not wear your mala when doing vigorous physical activity--including yoga. Place your mala at the top of your yoga mat so it can remind you of your intention while you practice.

Skin lotions and oils (and excessive sweat) can degrade natural materials. Please do not expose your mala to these conditions.

Sterling Silver Components may need polishing from time to time to keep them shiny. A dry polishing cloth will work to gently polish your silver.

Silk thread tassels should be stored hanging, or gently placed atop your pile of mala beads. If your silk gets unruly, you can simply wet your fingers and gently run them through the threads. This should remove any wrinkling and refresh your tassel.

Bracelets should be gently rolled on and off the wrist. Avoid pulling on the elastic cord, as it can weaken over time.

Cleansing and Charging Your Mala Beads

You may cleanse or charge your mala beads. To cleanse them, try smudging some white sage or palo santo over your mala. To charge your beads, place them under the full moon once a month.