Message and Gemstones


My personal Message


The quality of the gemstones used to create these pieces create the depth of color and overall richness of these beautiful pieces.   Every piece is lovingly and intentionally hand-knotted with high quality gemstones. Each gemstone and component is from a eco-friendly and sustainable supplier to bring you the quality that you deserve.  Every element is inspected when I receive it and will only become part of the Collection if it meets these standards.   Thank you for trusting me to make something so sacred and personal.  

Each gemstone has metaphysical properties associated with it, very often linked to the chakras (energy centers) in our bodies. All of the malas in the shop have  descriptions of the gemstones and the healing properties commonly associated with them. Read through these and see what speaks to you. Often we are drawn to colors that represent what we need in our lives. Listen to your inner voice when choosing gemstones. If you are drawn to a particular stone, then that is the right one for you!

Please note: Crystal healing is not meant to replace or substitute for medical or professional treatments of ailments. Please see a licensed medical practitioner for any health problems, as the gemstones in this jewelry are not meant for this purpose or use.