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🌿🔮 Ever felt the urge to wander off the beaten path? At Off Trail Jewelry, we understand the longing for connection, adventure, and authenticity in a world that often feels too fast-paced and disconnected. That's why we're here to offer more than just jewelry—we're here to provide a remedy for the soul.

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Oops - Do you find yourself 'Off Trail'?

My name Is Mandy and I design One of Kind jewelry for those that trust, accept, and forge their own path in life. Being an avid outdoors-woman and traveler, my designs come from my love of nature and adventure. My one-of-a-kind pieces have a sense of earthiness that is a distinct reminder of the perfect imperfections in our world. Are you drawn to jewelry that is slightly unexpected, like what could be around the next corner in life or trail? These one of kind pieces are a chance to express yourself.

Off trail jewelry is designed with you in mind!


I’ve always loved jewelry – And love to purchase my own special pieces to stay connected to the places I have travelled, adventure and to nature. In 2020 I decided to take a yoga teacher training course which included a Mala making session. A Mala is a string of 108 beads used for meditation, focus and just feel-good energy. I fell in love with the process; to be able to see it develop was meditative for me.

An artist friend enticed me to take a jewelry making class that she was teaching. OH man.... did I jump in with both feet! My mind was blown at the possibilities! Quickly I realized that I needed space, and we turned our little storage shed into the most peaceful studio, small but mighty!

I’ve taken several classes and continue to learn from mentors. Being curious, learning and trying something new has become a way for me to appreciate all the beautiful things! And my goal is to connect with you through this shared appreciation!

After my first class I was selected to have a juried piece in the College’s art gallery - It was honorable and humbling, being a beginner, I saw the imperfections. Since then, I’ve learned to embrace the creativity and let each piece evolve as I create it.

Is this you, too? Do you have those moments when you just want to be ‘true to yourself’ Maybe consider being Ok going ‘Off trail’. Wearing Off Trail Jewelry reminds you to forge your own path.

I love custom designs and have done several gorgeous pieces. I’d love to make a custom piece you might have in mind. I hope you enjoy scanning my website!!
Have a super wonderful day
xoxo Mandy



My Collections embody the unique balance found in nature and offers you the chance to forge your own path. Discover the beauty of the outdoors with our One of A Kind pieces, from rugged to refined, embrace your uniqueness and navigate your own harmonious journey.

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